About Us

The beginning of our journey dates back to 2015. It stemmed from the heritage and passion for spice cultivation and processing. We started off producing black pepper in our own gardens at Nawalapitiya in the central highlands and also sourced from bordering regions namely Matale, Kandy, Ginigathhena, Kegalle, Elpitiya and Ambalangoda renowned for traditional spice growers. Spices grown in these regions derive a unique piquancy and a sharp aroma owing to climatic conditions and characteristic soil in the hills. Today we pride ourselves in producing a variety of spices in the likes of Pepper, Nutmeg, Cardamom, Cinnamon Etc. Our team of experts know best, when and how to source, select and process. ​We take everything into consideration, from monitoring the weather to seeking quality crops and hygienic manufacturing. Craftsmanship, Tacit Knowledge, Traditional twist and methodology form the distinct identity in what we produce. 

It is our belief that a company is only as good as its internal and external stakeholders. With that in mind, we contribute 10% of annualized profits to various social and environment preservation projects in the region. We also empower farmers through micro finance and pay them a fair price for their harvest. They are also provided with advice and agricultural aid. At Hela Grow we strive to do all things possible, to ensure a sustainable and dignified livelihood to all.